Eco-Friendly Water Bottles

Thanks to their lightweight packaging, ergonomic design, and increasingly eco-friendly production methods, single-serve plastic bottles have proven to be a convenient and popular option for hydration on the go.

Our half/gallon bottle is by far the most popular size and we have several different color options for you to select from. Flat cap and sports cap bottles are also available to better suit your needs.

Going green? No problem! Some of our standard half liter bottles contain 10% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic. Want something not on our shelves? We’ll gladly order it for you.

Bottle Sizes We Carry

I.B. ClearWater Store offers several different personal water bottle sizes for your convenience, from the 8-ounce bottle to the larger 28-ounce bottle (you know, the ones that don’t fit in your car’s drink carrier).

For your convenience, we also offer 28 oz and 16 oz pre-filled bottles of “Ice Cold” alkaline water for quick carry out!