Mission Statement

Our primary mission is to provide filtered, clean, and “pure” drinking water to the residents of Imperial Beach, Chula Vista, and Coronado.  We accomplish this by taking our local water supply and running it through a series of filters, RO, more filters, and finally UV light. Our water is certified as pure by the State of California. We also specialize in High pH Water (H2o). This water is also often referred to as Alkaline or Kangen water.

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Alkaline Drinking Water

Elevate Your Hydration, Embrace Alkaline Power!

Certified “Pure” Drinking Water

Certified “Pure” Perfection in Every Drop.

How Alkaline Is Made (Typically)

Alkaline water can be made in several different ways. Traditionally people have used ionization via alkaline water ionizers and alkaline water machines. Although these are effective in producing alkaline water, equipment such as an alkaline water ionizer or alkaline water machine leaves harmful contaminants in the water.

This is acceptable when the feed water supply is safe, yet can be problematic with certain water conditions. Also, ionizers cannot control which minerals are present in the water, so areas with harmful mineral content in the feed water supply may still have the harmful minerals present in the water after ionization.

How We Make Alkaline

At I.B. ClearWater Store we are utilizing a custom-built RO/Filtration/UV/High pH H2o system that has taken a modified approach to making alkaline water by adding alkaline minerals back into pure water to raise the pH and alkalinity of the water.

With our alkaline water filter and alkaline water systems, you can create alkaline water by adding alkaline minerals to pure water, eliminating the possibility of harmful contaminants and making the cleanest alkaline water possible. Essentially, we are passing pure clear water through a proprietary mineral substrate.