Enjoy California Certified Pure Drinking Water

To be called “Pure” water in the state of California the standard for purification is even higher than the water they sell to us to drink. The water is tested by an accredited laboratory in the State of California.  The water must have “0” E-coli coliforms, “0” coliforms, and a total (total dissolved solids) TDS of less than 10 parts per million.

We at I.B. ClearWater have had our water tested at Clarkson Labs in San Diego since the first day we opened in 2017, and have consistently met all required standards.  Carl Bailey, our resident water guru, also tests the water with in-house testing equipment a minimum of three times per week.

This process ensures the removal of contaminants, like bacteria, dissolved solids and metals, fluoride, and a myriad of other possible pollutants. Our certified pure drinking water is filtered through a multi-step process, which is rigorously maintained and regularly tested, resulting in a steady supply of consistently outstanding drinking water to our customers.

State-of-the-Art Filtration

Our location features a state-of-the-art water filtration system on-site which produces certified pure drinking water daily, so you’re guaranteed to get the freshest water possible. We operate a closed system, which means your water flows directly from our freshwater silos to your storage container.

Fill Anything

We welcome you to bring in and fill any number of bottles of any shape and size.

We Thoroughly Rinse

All bottles are thoroughly rinsed before refilling. We accomplish the rinsing with two custom “ozonated high pressure rinse out spouts” built into our multi-faucet, stainless-steel filling table.

Available Through Contracted Service

Our certified “pure” drinking water is available for contracted water services to both private residences and businesses. Contact us for details.