We’ve Lowered Prices UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

To help ease the minds (and wallets) of South Bay residents during the coronavirus crisis, effective immediately, IB ClearWater is lowering the price of both our Alkaline (high pH) and “Pure” filtered water. Our high pH will be lowered to $2 per gallon, and our “Pure” filtered will be lowered to .40 cents per gallon.

PLEASE adhere to strict social distancing rules and practices while in the store.

Stay a minimum of 6 feet, even if it means a little extra wait. We insist you put on a new pair of gloves that we will provide, even if you already wearing gloves. We are also utilizing self service for the foreseeable future, our staff will still guide and assist. We have implemented these rules and guidelines to keep you and us as safe as possible….We sincerely appreciate your business during these hard times.

Please do not “panic buy”

When it comes to getting enough drinking water, you won’t have to worry about us running out, we have enough water for everybody. We will remain open as long as it is safe to do so, and we will try to give some notice should we decide to close. We can make hundreds of gallons of our famous IB ClearWater a day. If you should need water after hours 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. 7 days a week, just call us at (619) 369-9449 and we will open the store for you if we are able.

There is a shortage of water containers everywhere!

Our distributor is also being adversely affected by the supply chain issues. That being said, we are buying and stocking what we can get. Remember, you can bring in any container that you are willing to drink from and fill it with our water.

United We Stand.

Imperial Beach is a diverse community filled with resilient men, women, and children who know how to circle the wagons in times of crisis. We’ve done it before, and we stand prepared to do it again if necessary. We will get through this together.

Stay Informed

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