A: Yes, drinking alkaline water can be good for people with high blood pressure. When the small blood vessel is clogged or passageway in the blood vessels become narrow due to acid waste build up around artery walls or when there is insufficient amount of oxygen in the blood, the blood pressure increases as more blood is pumped up to make up for the insufficient flow and oxygen. When people with high blood pressure consumes a lot of acid-forming foods, sugar and tobacco, the blood pressure increases even more as these consume oxygen in the blood at a very high rate. Alkaline water is not a medicine for high blood pressure. However, it can help people with high blood pressure by effectively melting away the acid waste buildup and instantly providing hydration for better blood circulation and supplying oxygen to the cells with rich oxygen present in it.

We, here at I.B. ClearWater, do not endorse this as medical advice, we always recommend that any person, pregnant or otherwise who wishes to start drinking mineralized alkaline water, but has any reservations, that they should consult their physician first.